Birth Injury

Birth Injury

birth injuryBirth injury is a very sensitive topic and for good reason. Having to deal with birth injuries is a very difficult time in anyone’s life, and at Sweigart Law Group, we completely understand. We are here to support you through this emotional time, as well as fight for your rights.


Birth injuries can be caused from a range of factors, some including medical malpractice before and after childbirth, causing severe medical conditions, and in worse cases, death.


Types of birth injury lawsuits include cerebral palsy, failure to perform a cesarean section on time, fetal distress, brain injuries caused by forceps, and umbilical cord complications, among others.


If you have been affected by a birth injury in your family, please contact Sweigart Law Group. We will give you the comfort and support you need. Whether you need a birth injury lawyer in Boynton Beach or you need a birth injury lawyer in West Palm Beach, Sweigart Law Group can help.


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